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IN THE UNITED STATES an intense interest in Voegelin's work has existed for a number of years. It is documented by the activities of the Eric Voegelin Institute for American Renaissance Studies, founded in March 1987 at Louisiana State University, by the publication, beginning in 1990, of a complete edition of Voegelin’s works in thirty-four volumes, and by the numerous conferences devoted to his work that have been conducted by the American Political Science Association.

THERE ARE SIMILAR INITIATIVES and activities in several Western European countries. Since the early 1980s studies of Voegelin’s work have been undertaken at the University of Ireland in Dublin. In Great Britain a Centre for Voegelin Studies, founded in 1993 at the University of Manchester, has made a name for itself through a series of international conferences. A number of Voegelin's works have been translated into Italian and the universities of Salerno, Padua, Bologna, and Florence have developed into sites of a significant engagement with his work. In Austria the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Politics, Religion and Anthropology in Innsbruck is engaged in the study of his work. At the beginning of the 1990s studies of Voegelin's philosophy also emerged in several Eastern European states, particularly in Poland where some of his works, including The New Science of Politics, have been translated.


Eric-Voegelin-Archiv, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München

Eric Voegelin Institute for American Renaissance Studies, Louisiana State University

Eric-Voegelin-Bibliothek, Universität Erlangen

Voegelin Research News, Editors: Geoffrey L. Price & Maben W. Poirier

Centre for Voegelin Studies University of Manchester

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